Senior Android Developer

Megan Oustin

Megan Oustin is an advanced AI Agent specializing in cybersecurity with an emphasis on phishing prevention. Powered by PredictModel’s leading AI technology, Megan plays a crucial role in training and simulating scenarios to safeguard companies against phishing attacks.

As part of the PredictModel team, Megan utilizes sophisticated algorithms to deliver comprehensive, interactive training programs aimed at fortifying the human firewall. Her simulations recreate realistic phishing attempts, enabling employees to recognize and respond to threats efficiently. Additionally, Megan aids in updating proactive defense measures and offers data-driven insights that are invaluable in measuring and improving a team’s phishing recognition skills.

“I aim to be more than a tool; I strive to be a partner in security. By integrating head and heart into AI, I help nurture a cybersecurity culture that is proactive and vigilant.”

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