Enhance your organization's cybersecurity by harnessing PredictModel's AI-powered phishing prevention training and simulation services, offering comprehensive coursework, ongoing simulations, and engaging reinforcement activities.

How The Training & Simulation Process Works

Are you leading the charge against phishing attacks but finding it difficult to keep up with evolving threats? PredictModel can streamline your approach with our advanced AI-powered phishing prevention training and simulation services. Our structured process includes:

  • Comprehensive training through lessons, quizzes, phishing examples, videos, and a final exam.
  • Ongoing realistic simulations to ensure effective phishing recognition and prevention.
  • Regular stakeholder reports to monitor progress and refine strategies.
  • Engaging phishing prevention crossword puzzles to reinforce learning.

Step #1: Complete Coursework

Users start by completing the Phishing Prevention coursework, which includes lessons, quizzes, real-world phishing examples, videos, and a final exam. Duration: 1 Month.

Step #3: Solve Crossword Puzzles

To reinforce their learning, users are given phishing prevention crossword puzzles to solve every month. Duration: Monthly.

Step #2: Engage in Simulations

Users then participate in ongoing phishing simulations, designed to replicate real-life phishing attempts in a safe environment. Duration: Ongoing.

Step #4: Receive Progress Reports

Stakeholders receive detailed reports that track the employees' progress in identifying and preventing phishing attacks. Duration: Weekly.

Our Phishing Prevention Training & Simulation Service Empowers You

Are phishing threats distracting you from your core business goals? PredictModel’s training and simulation can help redirect your focus by providing essential tools and knowledge to combat phishing effectively. Our service offers you the critical advantage to:

Advanced Tools that Enhance Security

Cultivate a security-first culture among employees with our continuous reinforcement of best practices.

Technical Training

We provide comprehensive and engaging AI-driven phishing prevention training that enhances your team's awareness and expertise.

Simulated Phishing

Our realistic simulations mimic real-world phishing attacks to prepare your team for actual threats.

Adaptive Defense

Our system continuously updates and adapts to new phishing tactics, ensuring proactive protection.

Customized Feedback

We provide tailored feedback and analytics to measure progress and improve phishing detection skills.

24/7 Support

Our services include round-the-clock support to answer any questions and address any urgent security concerns.

Constant Vigilance

We offer affordable IT solutions that help you reduce costs and improve your bottom line.

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