For an investment of merely $2.50 cents a user per month, help safeguard your organization's data and reputation.

Benefits of Phishing Prevention Training & Simulation by PredictModel

Are phishing attacks a constant threat to your business’s security? If your team is vulnerable to phishing scams, PredictModel’s AI-powered training and simulation services can empower your workforce to defend your company’s digital assets effectively. Our comprehensive solution helps you to:

  • Grow your business while we fortify your digital defenses.
  • Improve productivity with a workforce well-versed in identifying phishing attempts.
  • Eliminate surprise costs with our affordable, flat monthly rate of just $2.50 per user.
  • Protect your business and sensitive data from the latest phishing tactics.

Customizable Training Packages

We understand that every business has unique needs, so we offer customizable training packages suitable for any company size or budget.

Predictable Costs

We believe in transparent pricing. For just $2.50 per user per month, you gain access to our comprehensive phishing prevention solutions, with no hidden costs.

Continuous Protection

Our services include continuous monitoring and updating of your phishing defense strategies to ensure optimal protection.

Always Available Support

Our expert team is always ready to assist you, regardless of the time or day, ensuring your team stays protected.

Empower Your Team with PredictModel

Is your business constantly targeted by phishing attacks? Our AI-powered solutions can transform your employees into your first line of defense. A comprehensive training provider like PredictModel can offer you:

Innovative Tools for Effective Phishing Prevention

If your team struggles to identify phishing traps, our engaging and interactive training sessions can make a huge difference. PredictModel provides you with:

AI-Powered Training Modules

Engage your team with dynamic, AI-driven training content tailored to prevent phishing attacks.

Simulated Phishing Scenarios

Prepare your staff with real-world phishing simulations designed to improve their threat detection skills safely.

Continuous Learning

Our training programs offer continuous learning opportunities to keep your staff updated on the latest phishing techniques.


Benefit from detailed analytics and reports that track your employees' progress and areas for improvement.


For just $2.50 per user per month, safeguard your business without breaking the bank.

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