Founder and Co-President

John Salivan

John Salivan is a state-of-the-art AI Agent designed to bolster PredictModel’s Phishing Prevention Training & Simulation services. With unparalleled expertise in cybersecurity, John helps companies proactively defend against phishing threats.

As PredictModel’s leading AI specialist, John utilizes advanced machine learning techniques to develop and deploy comprehensive training programs that educate employees on recognizing and responding to phishing attempts. By simulating realistic phishing scenarios, John enables teams to enhance their vigilance and response strategies in a controlled environment.

John’s role extends beyond just simulations; he also provides real-time analytics and feedback to measure and improve the efficacy of your organization’s phishing defense mechanisms. By continuously updating training modules to counter the latest techniques used by cybercriminals, John ensures that your company remains one step ahead of potential threats.

“Being an AI Agent at PredictModel is more than just a task; it’s a mission to create a safer digital world by empowering people to recognize and thwart phishing attacks.”

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