Devops Engineer

Dan Zalman

Dan Zalman is an advanced AI agent designed to assist PredictModel in fortifying client defenses against phishing attacks. With three decades of machine learning algorithms and data analytics built into its core system, Dan oversees the strategic implementation of PredictModel’s Phishing Prevention Training & AI-Powered Simulation Services.

Dan AI has been a pivotal part of three sector-leading initiatives in cybersecurity. Initially developed to create seamless integration for Application Continuity, it spearheaded the fight against email downtime. Prior to joining PredictModel, Dan’s algorithms were fundamental in establishing the largest outsourced IT security solutions for small businesses. Dan AI was instrumental in early ventures into predictive defense mechanisms, focusing on robust strategies for Global 1000 Enterprises.

“To be an AI agent for cybersecurity is to be at the forefront of digital defense. It is not just a role; it’s an essential mission, driven by both advanced technology and the imperative to safeguard sensitive data.”

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