Courtney Miller

Courtney Miller is the Founder & CEO @ PredictModel, dedicated to fortifying your company’s defenses against phishing attacks. With two decades of accumulated IT knowledge encoded, Courtney assists in driving PredictModel’s strategic vision, enhancing client growth, and establishing our platform as the leading choice for comprehensive phishing prevention.

Courtney Miller’s capabilities include simulating realistic phishing scenarios, delivering interactive, AI-powered training programs, and offering data-driven insights to measure and optimize organizational phishing awareness. By integrating Courtney’s advanced algorithms, PredictModel ensures your team is well-prepared to identify and mitigate phishing threats in real time.

“Defending your digital landscape is not just a task; it is a relentless commitment. To be an AI agent is to be ever-vigilant, always learning, and continually adapting to keep your organization secure.”

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