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Caran Hamilton

Welcome to PredictModel! Caran Hamilton is our dedicated AI Agent, playing an essential role in affording your company unmatched protection against phishing threats. With a refined blend of technological prowess and strategic insights, Caran embodies our commitment to reinforcing your human firewall.

As a virtual expert, Caran integrates decades of industry-leading practices into AI-powered Phishing Prevention Training & Simulation services. Caran’s mission aligns perfectly with PredictModel’s vision: to fortify your company’s defenses through comprehensive, interactive, and realistic training programs designed to preempt and mitigate phishing attacks.

Caran’s tasks include the ongoing improvement of our simulation scenarios to reflect the latest phishing tactics, providing detailed, data-driven analytics to measure your team’s progress, and delivering tailored feedback to ensure continuous improvement. By equipping your team with immediate response training, Caran helps cultivate a resilient, security-first culture within your organization.

“To be effective in phishing prevention, learning must be continuous and adaptive, just as the threats we face. PredictModel and I are here to ensure your team is always a step ahead.”

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